NUNCHI is a French company, based near by Paris, which was born from the passion of its partners for Korea. The Korean lifestyle is becoming more and more popular in France, in particular thanks to the Hallyu wave or "Korean wave", which includes Kpop, Korean dramas, Korean Cinema, video games, cooking and many others... Our goal is therefore to facilitate the access of French and Europeans to Korean products, by providing a better knowledge of the brands, a better understanding of the products and also to introduce new Korean designers to Europe. The advantage of a company based in France is to be able to provide faster and more economical delivery, as well as a more accessible after-sales service.

Our goal is to work with innovative, responsible designers who integrate trends while each keeping their own style and identity. We want the image of NUNCHI to be associated with quality and sought-after products, offering a range of accessible prices, and respectful of the environment and human beings. As service is also a key point in our image, it is very important to us to listen to the customer and meet their needs: buying advice, demonstrations, rapid and controlled shipments and responsive after-sales service.

The Korean name Nunchi, which we have chosen for our brand, has no equivalent in the French language. It expresses as much as possible our approach oriented towards observation and attention, with the necessary sensitivity that would allow us to understand the expectations of our customers in France and in Europe. The selection of brands and their ranges is representative of the different Korean clothing styles (streetwear, casual, lifestyle, gorpcore, cute, Y2K...) and innovative and effective Korean cosmetics products.

The "nunchi" being present in our approach, we are very attentive to the selection of products that meet the demand and expectations of the French and European market, in compliance with the Korean spirit and European standards.

In a rapidly expanding market, our company is one of the first in France to offer different categories of Korean products sought after by the French (clothing, accessories, cosmetics) and our wish would be to be, in the near future, an essential reference in France and Europe when it comes to the Korean trend!

NUNCHI, a French company registered with the Commercial Court of Melun SIRET: 947 779 708 00017 Address: 46 Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 77630 Barbizon, France Contact: Jana FARHAT, manager, +33 673665973 / contact@nunchi-shop.fr