NOTKNOWING is a Korean clothing brand that aims to deliver the value of "non-normality" to its customers. NOTKNOWING designs extraordinary and non-standard collections for free people who want to express their personality, with avant-garde designs, excellent quality and comfortable materials; unique and trendy clothes allowing you to assert your individuality while remaining at the forefront of fashion. We are delighted to offer you this exceptional brand in France and Europe!



OJOS is a Korean clothing brand that offers its customers unique and avant-garde designs and concepts, in a "Gorpcore" style. Their innovative approach to fashion draws inspiration from both urban and outdoor trends, creating clothes that work perfectly in both worlds. Working with top quality and patented fabrics, the brand focuses on every detail and material to ensure that each item is comfortable, hard-wearing and durable, while having a strong style. We are delighted to offer you this exceptional brand in France and Europe!



EXPIRED GIRL is a unique Korean clothing brand, with a style that embodies the spirit of "Y2k" culture. The brand, already worn by many celebrities, is known for its original and daring aesthetic, inspired by fashion from the 2000s and some elements of current fashion. Every detail; modern cuts, urban designs, different textiles, are worked by the brand in order to offer its customers superior quality fabrics that are comfortable to wear, while having a style with a unique identity. The EXPIRED GIRL brand is the perfect choice for those looking to express themselves through their clothing style while staying on top of the trends. We are delighted to offer it for sale in France and Europe!



NO MANUAL is a Korean brand of unisex clothing, with a "street, casual" style, which stands out for its minimalist and relaxed approach. With unique and modern designs, reflecting a contemporary urban aesthetic, NO MANUAL's garments have a slightly oversized fit that suits all body types and offers comfortable freedom of movement for everyday use. The materials used for each piece are carefully selected to provide exceptional quality, durability to their customers, while respecting the environment. With a perfect balance between style and comfort, we are delighted to bring you this exceptional brand in France and Europe!



GINGER 6 is a Korean skincare brand that stands out thanks to its main ingredient, ginger. Native to Asia, ginger has been known for centuries for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

In Europe, this ingredient is mainly used in cooking, while in reality, used in cosmetics, ginger has extraordinary benefits for the health and appearance of the skin, allowing it to stimulate blood circulation, improve elasticity of the skin and reduce the signs of aging.

Enriched with vitamin C, calcium, potassium and dietary fiber, ginger helps deeply nourish the skin and give it an incomparable glow.

The brand uses a proprietary method of processing ginger by steaming and drying it six times before extracting it, which increases the concentration of 6-Shogaol, an active ingredient with illuminating and antioxidants, while removing the pungent smell and taste of ginger.

GINGER 6 products are Vegan and have European CPNP certification.

Now available in France and Europe, GINGER 6 offers you a unique care solution for healthy and radiant skin, combining the Korean tradition of skin care with the effectiveness of the natural ingredient ginger!



THE PURE LOTUS is a unique Korean skincare brand, whose main ingredient is white lotus leaf from Jeju Island. This island, located off the southern coast of South Korea, is renowned for its unspoiled nature and ideal growing conditions for growing white lotus. This plant, unlike the red lotus which is essentially decorative, is known to be rich in antioxidants, iron, vitamin C, potassium, tannin, calcium and dietary fiber. In addition to improving the texture of the skin and restoring its radiance and suppleness, this plant has extraordinary health effects in terms of blood circulation, iron supplement and detoxification effects.

The brand also offers you magnificent artistic packaging, painted by Kang Myeongsun, a famous artist from Jeju Island, master of the Lotus, which she has been painting for more than thirty years.

The products of THE PURE LOTUS are Vegan, have the European CPNP certification and Jeju cosmetic certification, which is also very important since the ingredients of the Island are the most sought after when it comes to K-beauty!

THE PURE LOTUS is now available in France and Europe so you can enjoy the effectiveness of traditional Korean skincare, combined with the benefits of the natural ingredient lotus leaf from Jeju Island for get healthy, glowing skin!



BIDALLI is a Korean skincare brand with a complete range, very effective and suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive ones. It stands out for its unique Clean Cosmetics philosophy, opting for natural and 100% vegan ingredients (extract of Centella Asiatica, Tangerine, Birch, Ginseng, mushrooms, Tea Tree etc.). Based on respect for the environment, the approach is holistic, from clean and vegan ingredients to packaging and even the printing ink (Soy ink). As an ethical beauty brand, BIDALLI's commitment is to provide safe and restorative care for skin facing external aggressions, with a formula that is entirely vegan, plant-based, and not tested on animals, for an unparalleled beauty experience!

BIDALLI products have European CPNP certification.

Now available in France and Europe, BIDALLI offers you a unique and ethical skincare solution, for healthy and radiant skin, combining the Korean skincare tradition with the gentle revolution of Clean Beauty!